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(Excerpts from DL's upcoming book)

My 2nd book recounts my experiences in Christianity that lasted well over 50 years. I have finally given it up!  The best decision I ever made! It has led to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life!  No Fear!

"The story of one man's experience with a deconversion from Christianity.  His life-changing decision to deconvert from A Fundamentalist Christian Denomination after 50 years in the Faith! He faithfully re-tells events from his dramatic and exciting life story, which speaks volumes to others and proclaims:  'You are not alone!'"   

-DL's life long depression is subsiding daily after abandoning his beliefs in Heaven & Hell!

  Frequently, we live our lives in fear that we are sinning and not living in a "Christian Jesus-like" way. Because if you don't have the one true faith, you will face eternal punishment separated from God and in Hell with Satan!

Once I started comparing some of the 1000s of translations (it's anybody guess which one is most accurate to the original author) and found that the true meanings of the translated words have been mis-translated for hundreds of years. Very important and consequential information for today's Christian. Words such as Hell, Satan, Devil have had many different meanings, translations and origins, some as recently as 1000 years ago.

Why Not Choose Religion?

        Many people continue living their Religious lives, because it's safe. Is this the life you really dreamed about? Isn't there more to life than serving and worshipping a god, if you're not even sure you believe in him/her/it (sic)? Some of the stories I keep hearing are pretty unbelievable! This is not the way to live your life. Wake up people!

If you to choose to continue your life in Christianity, good luck to you! Trust me. Been there. Done that! The Fear that they instill in you never goes away. At least it hasn't for me, yet! Even now that I know for sure that there is no hell, or heaven for that matter, I still think about the possibility of it sometimes.

Please stop and ask yourself these few questions if you think that you deserve a change in your life:

     What exactly  do you believe in as far as God, the Bible, and Religion?

                        ( This question applies to Christians, Jews, and Muslims since they all share an Abrahamic beginning.)

 -Be honest with yourself and think seriously about any doubts you may feel.

    Why  do you believe in the things that you do?

    Are any of these the Reasons? :
Is it because of where you were born, where you live, who you married, where you were raised or educated, or is it because of your parents or siblings       OR    
Is it because you decided on your own that Religion is The Best Answer? (very few fall into this category)   

Don't be strangled and held back by the beliefs, rituals, and traditions of tribal people from 4000 years ago!

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